StudioRacks can build for you desks that can incorporate the well renowned 88 note keyboard with real hammer mechanics from the German manufacturer Doepher. Including the Midi Master keyboard range: LMK2+, LMK4+ and PK88

All of the above mentioned keyboards are supplied in a rugged flightcase. At StudioRacks we can remove the entire keybed from the casing with all its control and connectivity to build them into Studio Desks and furniture. Doepfer can also supply this range without the flight case specifically for this purpose. In our experience they arrive incredibly well packed for the trip over to the UK.

What is the advantage?

Well apart from looking great, a built in Doepfer 88 note keyboards allows us to build you a studio desk with a top quality keyboard installed at a perfect playing height*, whilst maintaining a reasonable height surface to the main desk area, ensuring that you can still get your knees underneath.

StudioRacks works with you to design and build your custom studio desk, recording studio furniture and 19” equipment racks and can offer a variety of wood based finishes.

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Doepfer Keyboard in StudioRacks desk
Doepfer Keyboard Control panel in StudioRacks desk

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